End of Suite Units

  • Kingswood Electronic Services have recognised the need to fulfil customer requirements for DC input supplies, to be fed down a suite of equipment and have devised a method which allows this by using a bay, which supplies the necessary breaker requirements to feed different types of equipment.
  • The End of Suite Unit (ESU) is a DC Distribution Bay, which provides up to 30 duplicated supplies.
  • Each output is protected by a miniature circuit breaker of suitable rating for the relevant equipment, being supplied by the ESU.
  • An alarm relay unit is located at the top of the ESU.  This accepts alarm inputs from the equipment racks and displays them as either major, minor or attended on the LED panel at the top of the bay.
  • The alarm relay unit also provides a dry loop contact for extending the incoming alarms to other collection/monitoring equipment, such as alarm concentrators.
  • This unit has also been designed to allow cables to enter via the top or the bottom of the bay, flexible cable connection terminals to the mcbs can be re-arranged to allow this practice
  • The ESU is constructed from mild steel casing, enclosing rear and side covers with a hinged door at the front.
  • The unit is also available in a wide range of colours to suit all customer needs.