Coils and Transformers

  • Kingswood have a vast experience of coil winding and are equipped to take on a variety of tasks, focused towards custom coil winding, this includes bobbin wound components.
  • Our coil winding products are used in a diverse range of applications. We provide bespoke coil winding services to customers throughout the UK.
  • We work to customer’s specific requirements and our highly skilled coil winders produce these components in our clean and modern facilities.
  • Focused on quality, we can successfully deliver coil- winding products, which often exceed conventional levels of endurance and all round performance.
  • Using our research and development engineers we are able to offer small to medium batch production runs, without compromise to our client’s timescale.
  • Our coils and transformer products are used within the Automotive, Water, Telecom and High Voltage Power Industry.
  • We produce a variety of coils using fine wires from 0.04mm to 5.0mm with all ranges of insulation covering, using moulded or pre-fabricated bobbins; unsupported coils are included in this range.
  • Transformers are manufactured up to 10Kva. A special feature of our company is the highly skilled section involved in the manufacture of special purpose coils using litz wire or self-bonding wire.