AutoCAD & Station Design

Installation and Station Documentation

Kingswood’s Design team can provide clients complete Installation documentation, such as: –

  • Installation Site Survey Handbook.
  • Floorplan and Equipment layout Handbook.
  • Overhead or Underfloor Superstructure Handbook.
  • Equipment Rack and Shelf Layout Handbook.
  • Point to Point Wiring Handbook.
  • Distribution Frame provisions and Jumpering Schedule Handbook.
  • As-built documentation.
  • Provision of information in both hard copy and on CD.

The implementation of these Handbooks has proven to be very successful and this process has been used extensively on major contracts throughout the world such as: –

Southern Cross, 360 Americas, North Star, Gemini, Hutchinson Telecom, Flag, Pangea, South America Crossing.

AutoCAD Installation Drawing Packages

Installation Design provides specific floorplans and overhead superstructure drawings in an AutoCad format, detailed parts drawings, assembly drawings, cable management layouts, and when required building concept plans.

The Design Team has a reputation for working to tight timescales, without compromising quality or standards.

The Team can liaise with third parties and sub-contractors or architects to make recommendations on modification of buildings or civil works.

Installation Materials and Tools

Installation Design will deternine specific installation material requirements and provide detailed lists of materials for each project or contract.

They will also recommend or provide suitable tooling, for all aspects of installation work.