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Kingswood Electronic Services Ltd is a major supplier and sub-contractor to the Telecommunications Industry.

We are also manufacturers of cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, coils, transformers & electrical-mechanical sub assemblies.

As a well established and independent company we offer a wide range of products and services.

To find out more about us and the services and products we provide, please take a look around our site to find out more.

Our Services

Kingswood’s Design team can provide clients complete Installation documentation and have been used extensively on major contracts throughout the world

Kingswood are able to produce a wide range of cable assemblies, wiring looms and cable harnesses, as well as ribbon cables, D-Types and all types of patch cords, from one off or small production runs, to large volume orders.

Kingswood can supply Ladder racking and accessories, which are easy to handle and assemble.

Kingswood have a vast experience of coil winding and are equipped to take on a variety of tasks, focused towards custom coil winding.

Kingswood have recognised the need to fulfil customer requirements for DC input supplies, to be fed down a suite of equipment and have devised a method which allows this by using a bay.

Kingswood has established itself as a leading supplier of materials for the communication networks industry, both in the UK and globally.

Kingswood’s product line has evolved in step with technological advances. We offer Power Supplies and Power Supply controllers, designed to fill the needs of even the most sophisticated user.

Installation and Tool Kits for all applications

Bespoke kits assembled to provide all required tools and materials reducing costs, wastage and delays.

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